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Stellenbosch Hills has a lot to offer wine lovers

        Stellenbosch Hills is a wine co-op that belongs to 16 members, all of whom supply the grapes. Long known for its very user-friendly Polkadraai label which stands out so nicely on any bottle store shelf with its jolly polka dot tops, they are making some...

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National Wine Challenge Double Gold Awards 2018

National Wine Challenge Double Gold Awards 2018 // “The Double Gold category is a very important category of winners in the NWC. Winning wines are really fine examples of their particular cultivar or blend.  Often they reflect sound regional character too and show a...

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New to Stellenbosch Hills…yadda yadda…bacon!

Stellenbosch Hills set tongues a-wagging in 2005 when it paired wines with that quintessential South African snack, biltong and droëwors. Now, it takes that lead to a whole new and irresistible flavour level with the undisputed champion of foods: bacon, beautiful...

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