Anna Christina MCC 2018


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Tasting Notes:
Enticingly elegant, the wine shows aromas of fresh Granny Smith apples and citrus blossoms with a nutty yeastiness on the nose. Crisp acidity tingles the well-balanced palate while a delicate mousse delivers a satisfying, mouth-filling explosion of bubbles with every sip.

The Harvest:
The grapes were handpicked at 19 brix to ensure that the best qualities of the fruit are represented in the base wine.

In the Cellar:
The whole bunches are gently pressed in pneumatic presses to collect the purest cuvee as base wine. After primary fermentation the wine goes through malolactic fermentation to give richness to the wine. Once this is complete, it is then inoculated for a second fermentation in bottle under crown cap. After 15 months on the lees the bottles are then riddled and disgorged with the wine’s final dosage.

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