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Polkadraai is the name of the winding country road that connects the diverse vineyards used in our wines. The range after which it is named comprises an easy-drinking, well-balanced selection that reflects the spirit of all things polka, from the lively dance to playful polka dots.


Polkadraai 3L

Stellenbosch Hills

All red varieties in the Stellenbosch Hills range are barrel matured for ± 14 months.

Grapes are harvested and vinified in a state-of-the-art cellar, ensuring every nuance in every bunch is captured.  Both red and white wines express the uniqueness of our natural surroundings, which include some of the oldest agricultural soils in the world.


The 1707 Reserve range comprises just two wines, each made to showcase the finest and best of the vineyards. Both are barrel-aged.

Sense of Place

Sense of Place is a range of top-tier wines intended for the connoisseur desiring to understand individual vineyard components at the winemakers’ disposal. The wines are made to provide the purest reflection of the vineyard, its soils, and the vagaries of each passing season. In this way, its provenance is highlighted along with the ties of wine to nature.

Sense of Place wines are limited and only released in years the vineyards show their best. The strictest fruit selection and winery best practice is applied in their making.

Polka Cans

Stepping out with wine just became much easier thanks to Polka, the snappy new cousin of the easy-drinking, fun-loving Polkadraai range by Stellenbosch Hills. Polka is a range of quality wines packaged in convenient 250ml cans.

With sunnier weather up ahead, Polka will undoubtedly be your preferred choice of drink for a picnic; or a leisurely ramble and will soon become the fav with your friends – simply because a Polka can, can! They’re lightweight, easy to pack, hardy, and easily disposable when empty.

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